And, itís certainly one of the most productive in terms of delivering new customers and growing sales. In todayís over-communicated media and electronic environment, face-to-face networking stands out more than ever. However, few organizations have managed to create an arena where it thrives like it does at Oregon Executives Association.

This is one organization that has created a culture that fuels camaraderie and has the resources to open meaningful doors. But, Oregon Executives Association is about much more than just networking. Itís about getting connected to a group of successful business people who genuinely care about the success of others in the group. Itís about meeting talented people that you grow to know and trust who provide services that you need. And itís about sharing information and experiences with others who have faced similar challenges.

You are cordially invited to attend a free lunch held weekly at the Rose Quarter so you can judge for yourself whether or not this is an organization that would be beneficial to your business. Call 503-286-9959 to make your reservation.



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